Customer Journey Mapping

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Define the happy path for your personas. Why do it? We use journey mapping as an exercise for determining a list of requirements for our project as well as uncovering hidden issues. It also encourages the team to empathize with users. When should I do it? Journey maps are created after you’ve made personas for […]

Does it Pay to Sell Through Social Media?

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Social selling refers to businesses and individuals using social media to search, locate, and engage new customers. Social media presents professional opportunities and challenges for companies and professional individuals.  So, what makes it worth the trouble? A joint study by Millward Brown Digital and Google found that 46% of decision makers are aged between 18 […]

Content Marketing Foundations

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Need some help finding your people? ACCELERATE GROWTH BY DEVELOPING PERSONAS! Start practicing design thinking… what exactly is design thinking? BUYING CENTER: the group of people and factors that determine whether or not a purchase is made. ACQUISITION CHANNEL: the pathway(s) through which potential customers discover and interact with your products, services, or brand OPEN-ENDED […]

Why Content Marketing Is the Key to Success in 2023

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Content marketing is a marketing technique for creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience. Its objective is to drive profitable customer action.  This key to mastering content marketing is realizing it is all about storytelling. Our attention is drawn to great stories. Content Marketing vs. Advertising […]